Read Black Voices
  • Week 1:

    Hey! Welcome. Fasten your seat belts, this book is about to take us for quite the ride.

    But first. Let's talk about the "ghosts" that Jewell Parker Rhodes writes about. You're about to meet two boys who are ghosts. But why are they ghosts? What do they have to offer?
    "When your soul aches, speak to the dead.
    Your ancestors who loved you, still do.

    They're always listening.
    If you let yourself hear, they'll guide you."

    Read this chapter from another one of Dr. Rhodes' books (an autobiographical story) to hear about her grandmother who raised her, her religion, and her explanation of ghosts.


    So, I “bear witness,” using narrative to testify how sustaining compassion, empathy, integrity, and human commitment can mitigate and undo injustice, alienation, and sadness.

    “Bearing witness” is empowering because it embraces self-knowledge and self-love. --Dr. Jewell Parker Rhodes


    As you read, it might be helpful to journal or write down your thoughts as you work your way through this book. See what you bear witness to along the way.

    And, if you want to join us for a conversation about Black mental health, please join us on December 14th. We'd love to have you.

  • Guide for reading along with Ghost Boys, from December 1-February 1st. with the exception of pages 121-191, it is one chapter