• LIFE THREATENING CONDITIONS include (but are not limited to) severe bee or insect stings, food allergies, diabetes, severe asthma, most seizure disorders and certain heart conditions.

    RCW (Revised Code of Washington) 28A.210.320 and WAC 392-380-045 are laws mandating that students with life-threatening health conditions may not attend school until they have:

    (1) treatment orders from a licensed healthcare provider

    (2) the required medications and supplies at school,

    (3) and a care plan in place with the school nurse.



    • Life Threatening Allergy Form and Medication Form
    • EPI Pen and any other medication must be stored in the health office 
    • Student's may carry Epi Pen's with doctor, parent and school nurse approval.  It is highly suggested to have a back up Epi Pen stored in the school health office.
    • Please review the Food and Nutrition Website to determine if your student qualifies for a special diet.


    • NEW! Asthma Action Plan - for ALL students who have asthma and want to use inhalers at school
    • Inhalers may be carried by students with DOCTOR and PARENT approval.  It is preferred to have a back up inhaler in the health office if possible.

    DIABETES - school care plans are usually provided by the doctor

    • Emergency Glucagon must be stored in the health office.  Students may also carry another glucagon on their person with parent and nurse permission.
    • Glucometers may be carried by the student or stored in the health office.  Students should have a plan on how to dispose of sharps safely.
    • A 72 hour supply of diabetic medication and a shelter-in-school emergency care plan will need to be discussed and agreed upon by the parent and school nurse.  This will be part of your student's 504 / Emergency Care Plan.
    • Please contact your school nurse to discuss your child's school care plan



    If your child has another health condition that is not listed, please contact the Kellogg School Nurse:  fk.nurse@ssd412.org or by telephone (206) 393-4790