Internet Access for Families

  • Internet access is critical to participating in the District’s remote learning program. We realize that for many families, getting adequate internet access can be a challenge and to help mitigate this, we have distributed over 500 mobile hotspots to families in need of access support. Now Washington State is offering a new K-12 internet access program that will provide even better internet service in most cases. 

    K-12 Internet Access Program

    UPDATE: The state has now extended the deadline to apply to the program until March 31, 2021 and has removed the requirement that families not have internet access in August of 2020 to be eligible. If you were deemed ineligible because of this requirement you may reapply for free access with one of the providers below.

    The K–12 Internet Access Program connects students in need to internet access at home with no cost to the student or their family.

    Through the program, students whose families are low-income can get connected through the end of the 2020–21 school year for free. (Costs due to loss or damage of equipment may still apply.)

    This spring, through the federal CARES Act, Congress provided funds to local school districts and state education agencies to provide support in covering emergency COVID-19 costs.

    By entering into agreements with internet service providers (Comcast, Ziply Fiber, and Presidio), OSPI intends to spend $8.8 million to connect up to 60,000 students and their families to their coursework online. OSPI will also use funds to reimburse school districts who entered into their own agreements with internet service providers.

    Details on the K-12 Internet Access Program can be found on OSPI's press release website

    Eligibility Criteria

    To be eligible for the program, students and their families must:

    • Be able to show they are low-income and eligible for free or reduced-price meals.

    Details on specific offers

    Each of the three service providers have specific offers for qualifying families. Families are free to select the vendor that best meets their need and provide service in their neighborhood. Information packets have been mailed to potential qualifying families from the district with the offer details from each vendor. If you did not recieve a letter and believe you qualify or have additional questions please contact the Family Advocate or Dean at your student's school. Copies of these offer letters are below. (Note: although the Comcast letter mailed to families does include an access code the letter below does not. Comcast access codes are specific to each family and can only be used once):


    Comcast Family Letter English 

    Comcast Family Letter Spanish


    Presidio Family Letter English

    Presidio Family Letter Spanish


    Ziply Family Letter English

    Ziply Family Letter Spanish


    District hot spot availability

    We currently have a large supply of hotspots to provide for families. Our priority continues to be to connect families that do not currently have Internet access. We are also expanding our focus to include families that have insufficient access and have more than two Shoreline Public School students. You can submit a home help desk request to ask for a hotspot and we will contact you if you are eligible to arrange pickup of a hotspot.