• Curbside Checkout at Ridgecrest 


    Book Request Form      Solicitud de reserva


    VIDEO:  How to request books using the Book Request Google form

    VIDEO: How to search the catalog

    Library catalog: https://tinyurl.com/RCOPAC


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1.  How many books can students check out?

         Students can check out up to three books per week, and have a total of six books checked out at any time.  If books are not picked up, they will be saved for one more week then returned to the shelf.

     2.  How are you keeping the books safe?

         Librarians will be wearing masks and gloves during the entire process: check in, check out and pick up. We ask that families also wear masks when picking up books. Please maintain a distance of 6 feet at all times.

    3.  What is the process for checking out books?

         Students and families will request books using the Book Request Form above.  If the requested titles are available, then Ms. Freeman and Liz will check them out to the student so they are ready for pick up on Tuesday for Curbside Checkout or delivery to classrooms on Friday for Classroom Checkout.  If requested books are not available, Ms. Freeman and Liz will select similar books based on information provided. This is a good way to find a new favorite book!.

     4.  When can we pick up and drop off library books?

         For Curbside Checkout, pick up books in the circle at the front of the school: Tuesdays - 8-8:30am or 3:45-4:45pm.  For Classroom Checkout, books will be delivered to classrooms on Friday.

         You can drop off library books in the bin outside the school office between 7:45-4:00 most weekdays, or return them on Tuesday at Curbside pickup, or to the classroom library bin if a student is in hybrid learning.

     5.  What happens if students choose specific titles and they are not available?

         Ms. Freeman and Liz will select your books based on the information you provide. If specific books are not available, we will choose books based on your answers. This is a great way to find a new favorite book!

     6.  Where can we see which books are available?

         Go to the library catalog: https://opac.libraryworld.com/opac/signin.php?libraryname=RIDGECREST%20LIBRARY

         Information on how to search is here: How to search the catalog

     7.  Do we have to check out books?

         Participation in the curbside checkout program is completely voluntary.