2021 Sasquatch Book Trailers

  • 2021 Sasquatch Book Award Nominees - Book Trailers

    Here are some book trailers for the 2021 Sasquatch Book Award nominees.  Book trailers are like movie trailers; a little snapshot of the movie that doesn't give away any of its secrets.  All of the Sasquatch books have some sort of tie to the Pacific Northwest, so you'll often read about familiar places in these books.  These books are perfect for 4th and 5th grades and those are the grades I like to let check out these books exclusively until March, since they are the only grades that can vote for the winner.  So, if you are a 4th or 5th grader who likes new books and wants to participate in picking a winning book, these are the books for you!  I promise they are all great reads!  (You have to be a pretty great book to even be nominated!)  Take a look at these book trailers and check them out on your next library book order.

    Sasquatch Book Award Trailers

    Happy Reading!

    Mrs. Altena, Syre Librarian