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    Posted by Stacey Chesnut on 11/2/2020
    • A completed “Permission to Administer Medication for Extended Field Trips” form is required for:
      • Any student who DOES NOT have a current active permission form on file
      • Any student who requires medication outside the school day


    • We do NOT need an additional Permission to Administer Medication (PTAM) form to give medications during school hours to students who currently have a signed form and medication(s) at school.  An extended field trip/camp is considered school. For example, if we have permission to give medications at 10AM and 2PM, just make a copy of the current medication administration permission form to use at camp. This also applies to “as needed” medication such as inhalers and epi-pens.


    • If we currently have permission to administer medications at school to a student who requires those medications OUTSIDE of school hours an additional medication administration permission form is needed.  For example, we have permission to administer a medication at 10AM and 2 PM, but the student also has a dose at 7PM, an additional PTAM form is required for the 7PM dose.


    • Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing enough medication while their student is at camp.  
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