• Cascade K-8 Community School l Counseling FAQ's

  • What services does the school counselor provide?

    By providing individual counseling and facilitating small group counseling lessons, the school counseling program at Cascade K-8 Community School aims to support students through natural development transitions as well as challenging times. Participation in services is completely voluntary and confidentiality will be addressed and respected. 

    What does confidentiality mean?

    • When studenst speak with the school counselor, anything they share is confidential.
    • By law, the school counselor we cannot and do not share the information provided by students.

    What exceptions are there to confidentiality?

    The counseling relationship requires an atmosphere of trust and confidence between the student and the counselor, therefore information will not be disclosed with the exception of certain circumstances. The counselor is required by law to share information with parents or others if:

    • Presenting a serious danger to self or another person 

    • There is evidence or disclosure of abuse (physically or sexually) or neglect 

    • There are threats to school security 

    • Requested made by legal entities

    If you would like the school counselor to share information with a third party, such as a community counselor, psychiatrist, social services worker, or pediatrician, you will need to sign an additional release of information form.

    When should parents/caretakers contact the School Counselor?

    • If you would like to have your child participate in short-term, scheduled, individual counseling to students in order to address social/friendship concerns, emotional concerns and/or other situational problems
    • If you need referrals for community resources.
      • child/family counseling
      • drug/alcohol counseling
    • When you would like to begin an assessment for a Section 504 Plan.