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    FAQ's Online Learning Tools

    Q: What if my child/student changed their password last year and has forgotten it?
    A: Contact your school Library Technician for a password reset. You will find this information on the school homepage.

    Q: One of my students has a device that isn't working. Who do they contact? 
    A: For Chromebook and iPad technical support, please complete an online tech support form at: https://www.shorelineschools.org/hometechhelp.

    Q: Who gets the student’s usernames and password to the student/family?
    A: Each school will be sharing that information. It may be done at the device check out or sent via email by the school office or teacher. 

    Q: As a parent/guardian, I have the Seesaw Class app on my device. Do I need it anymore?
    A: No, we are asking all parents to add the Seesaw Family app so they can communicate with their child’s teacher through Seesaw notifications. It also allows for parents/guardians to use the translate feature.

    Q: I have an iPad for my K & 1st grader? Does my child log in the same way as last year?
    A: No, it is different this year. Students will log in through ClassLink. They will get a QR code for ClassLink.

    Q: What if one of my children wants a device after the school has already passed them out?
    A: Make-up times will be offered for families that are unable to attend the scheduled day for their school. Please note that it may not be possible to schedule make-up days before the first day of instruction.