Start Smart

  • Launching the Year = Start Smart

    The first few weeks of school will focus on creating a positive and caring community. Students and teachers will spend time learning about one another, building connections and establishing trust within the learning community. Students and teachers will work together to create a safe, respectful, kind and responsible environment for all. They will develop classroom norms, routines and procedures. Students will learn about the daily and weekly schedule and how to use the learning tools and resources. Each morning and afternoon, students will engage in community circles to support the development of the classroom community. 

    Also, during the first weeks of the school year, teachers will take time to get to know their students as learners and academically. Teachers will use different processes, surveys and assessments to learn more about how students learn and where students are in core academic areas (reading, writing and math). They will engage students in review of previous skills to help build back student stamina for academic learning. Students also work on core topics like reading, writing and math is embedded within these classroom orientation activities during this time.

    You may start to hear a new term across the district for how we are launching the first weeks of school = Start Smart. Smart Start is taking intentional time to connect with students and establish a positive culture for learning is always a priority and this year it is even more critical that we take the time needed for students to feel comfortable, safe and supported in their learning environment.

    As students build an understanding of remote learning structures and routines and grow in their stamina, we will transition to academic focused work. Teachers across the district worked this summer to develop common pacing guides, units and lessons at each grade level to provide consistency in what students are learning. More specific information about the standards and content will be shared at your school’s curriculum night.