Reopening 20-21

  • September 1, 2020


    Dear Shoreline Families of Students in Special Education,


    As we enter the 20-21 school year, we want to acknowledge that this is not the school reopening that any of us envisioned. We look forward to the day we can return to in-person teaching and learning as much as you do! As all students start this year in the remote instructional model, we wanted to share specific special education considerations with you.


    Unlike last spring’s emergency closure, this fall staff are providing instruction through a scheduled school day. It will look different than last spring and different than traditional school - and that can be unsettling and raise lots of questions. The hardest part about this shift to remote learning is not knowing exactly what it means - in special education, we are used to knowing what will happen, having it written down, receiving feedback on exactly what is happening. We will still have IEPs, we will still be communicating, will still have schedules and specially designed instruction we can count on. And - there will be a lot of unknowns as we move through this new way of schooling. 


    Here is what we know about the 20-21 school year:

    • Elementary Learning Schedule (English)/(Spanish)
    • Middle and High School 3 x 3 Learning Schedule (English)/(Spanish)
    • Students will be receiving Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) in both synchronous (live, educator-led online learning together at the same time) and asynchronous (educator-directed individual student learning) teaching and learning opportunities.  Learn more about Remote Learning here on the Remote Learning Resources website
    • The way IEP services are provided in this remote environment will look different than what you are used to and case managers will contact you to discuss and clarify these changes. If the changes required result in material changes to the IEP, the team will meet to document those changes through the IEP process. 
      • Secondary 3x3 Model - With the change from 6 periods per day to 3 periods per day, the IEP team will be discussing what impacts this will have on a student’s IEP program and how to document those changes through the IEP process.


    Know that we continue to learn and work hard on providing the very best education we can for your individual student. Your priorities are our priorities - student safety, student learning, rigorous expectations, and positive engagement in learning. We will continue to leverage what is, in our opinion, the best part of special education - the team. Please know your student’s case manager will reach out to you to talk through the plan, to work as a team on what that will look like, to discuss how we can leverage your student’s strengths and needs, and how we can partner with you in the same and in different ways. 


    Thank you for your continued partnership and support as we reopen schools this fall! 


    Amy Vujovich, Director of Student Services

    Scott Irwin, Director of Secondary Student Services

    Hillery Clark, Director of Early Learning



    July 30, 2020


    Dear Shoreline Families of Students in Special Education,


    We want to start out by saying that we know this isn't the summer any of us had hoped for! We recognize the on-going stress of the situation our country is in. The unknown of what the fall reopening will look like makes it even that much more stressful.


    Last spring, we all experienced an emergency closure that no one was prepared for. We all had to learn to communicate, collaborate, teach and learn from each other in a completely new way. We didn’t do everything right, and we are working hard to learn from those challenges. We did do many things well - our amazing staff stepped up to provide resources and supports in a completely new way, our amazing parents and families collaborated with teams on over 500 IEPs and over 140 evaluations, and all worked hard to stay in communication with families and students and support those who were overwhelmed with their situation.


    On July 27th, Superintendent Miner recommended to the School Board that we open Shoreline Schools in remote status this fall. The School Board meets again Aug 3 to consider that recommendation. While we can’t tell you yet exactly what fall will look like, we can tell you that the work we have been doing includes explicit planning in preparing teachers and providers to provide the support and accommodations to meet students' various needs in a variety of formats. It is our goal to provide a robust teaching and learning experience this fall in the model the School Board determines we will open with.


    As we move forward, we wanted to share a few of the things we are planning for:

    • Providing supports for parents in their roles as learning partners for students learning in the home environment. We heard you - you need clear, consistent communication and systems for learning.
    • Meeting individual student needs in the best way possible - we know student learning priorities don’t change just because the learning environment changes. We continue to focus on the individualized needs of each student.
    • Planning for the safety of everyone - the health and well-being of every one of our students, staff and families is non-negotiable.


    What we know is we can and will do this! Success will be dependent upon our ability to continue to work together - and our IEP teams are really good at doing that. We are working hard to develop systems that provide specially designed instruction in a variety of high and low tech ways. We will continue to collect data and input and use that to develop targeted supports for our students. Finally, we will continue to care for and support each other.


    Lastly, the Shoreline Special Needs PTSA is organizing a Zoom Q & A session for parents on August 12th at 6:30. Please find details on the website here and on their Facebook group - we hope to see you there!


    Thank you, stay healthy, and we will be in touch soon,


    Amy Vujovich, Director of Student Services

    Scott Irwin, Director of Secondary Student Services

    Hillery Clark, Director of Early Learning



    Special Education Parent Focus Group July 17, 2020 - Reopening 20-21 - Powerpoint Presentation


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