Board Operating Principles

    • I will keep student needs, interests, safety, and success at the center of my decision-making - paying particular attention to eliminating systemic inequities that persist for historically under-served populations. 

    • I will strive for a positive working relationship with all members of the Board. 

    • I will listen with an open mind and demonstrate flexibility and creativity in seeking solutions. 
    • I will support and encourage open expression of cultures, ideas, identities, thoughts, and comments. 

    • I will look for and recognize the positive contributions of each Board member, and will extend grace for occasional errors or mistakes, turning mistakes into opportunities for growth. 

    • I will attend all Board meetings, insofar as possible, and will notify the Chair in advance of the meeting if I am unable to attend.  

    • I will read all Board materials in advance of meetings and be prepared to act on agenda items. 

    •  I will practice fiscal responsibility and sound financial management to support our capacity to adequately fund programs and priorities in a sustainable manner. 

    • Once a Board decision has been made, I will respect the authority of the Board to make this decision and will not work to undermine it.  (Every board member gets their say but not necessarily their way.)  
    • No surprises. I will not withhold information until a Board meeting and then surprise either my Board colleagues or the Superintendent.

    • Should an item of interest or concern come up during the meeting, I agree to ask the Board Chair to place it on a future meeting or study session agenda. 

    • I will avoid any conflict of interest or the appearance of impropriety which could result from my position as a Board member. 

    • I will participate in an annual Board self-evaluation and review of these Operating Principles. 

    • I will hold myself, and my Board colleagues, accountable for upholding these Operating Principles. 


    Adopted by School Board as part of Resolution 2020-1 on February 10, 2020 and reaffirmed in Resolution 2021-4 on March 1, 2021