• Shoreline Special Education Continuous Learning Plan


    OSPI Guidance

    Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Continuous Learning 2020 guidance (4/1/20 page 6) defines “continuous learning” as:

    • establishing and maintaining connections with students and families to provide learning materials and supports using a variety of modalities (e.g., email, phone, printed learning materials, and available online platforms)


    Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction Supporting Inclusionary Practices during School Facility Closure guidance (4/7/20 pages 5 & 6) defines expectations for special education:

    • Development of District Special Education Continuous Learning plan

    • Documentation of individual student-level Special Education Continuous Learning Plan (not an IEP or amendment)


    Shoreline Special Education Continuous Learning Plan

    In Shoreline School District, we are offering continuous home learning resources and activities for all students, including students eligible for special education. During the school closure, we are using such methods as:

    • printed learning materials

    • phone contact

    • email

    • technology-based virtual instruction

    • or a combination to meet student needs


    OSPI guidance is clear that there is not an expectation that Individualized Education Program (IEP) services will be delivered exactly as the IEP states during the school closure.  Shoreline Special Education IEP Case Managers will be contacting each family after spring break to develop a Continuous Home Learning Plan, which will outline the continuous learning resources and activities specific to each student’s needs during the school closure.



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