• The items below are in district storage. Stock changes frequently.

    **new items added 6/5/20**

    Please contact us if you see something you need for your classroom or office.

    For Shoreline School District use only.

    Student Chairs

    student chairs

    maroon and blue chairs

    newer maroon chairs

    Student Desks

    student desks



    wooden desks

    small tables

    white work stations


    Adult Chairs/Stools

    rolling chairs

    upholstered chairs

    metal stools


    Media Carts

    rolling media carts

    inside rolling media carts



    metro racks

    magazine rack

    wooden shelves

    filing cabinets

    wooden shelving

    misc shelves


    Sports Items

    misc sports items

    blue mats


    Library Workstation

    Book return counter with rolling, undercounter book carts,

    matching desk with upper shelving piece and 2-two drawer filing cabinets.

    This set is brand new. Please make an appointment with WH staff to view.

    book return counter

    undercounter book bins

    matching desk

    upper desk piece

    matching filing cabinets


    Miscellaneous Items

    paper cutter