• Here's what we know - Spash the Dolphin is the coolest school mascot around and we're thrilled to have him at LFP. There's still so much that we don't know though! I'm hoping the students of Lake Forest Park can help us figure out what he gets up to when he isn't around the school.

    The plan is that students will email Mr. Miller at lfp.community@k12.shorelineschools.org with story ideas about Splash and his adventures, and Mr. Miller will turn them into songs to bring them to life. Did he infiltrate a gang of sharks? Has he been to the moon? Maybe he was a senator? You tell me at the email above and maybe it will become a song. Hopefully we'll have a new one every week. The first is below...


    You Don't Know Splash

    No-Name the Gnome (inspired by suggestions from Bevin from room 21!)

    Splash and the Moon (inspired by suggestions from Miguel from room 6!)