• Poetry, Raccoons, Britannica, and eBooks

    For week #1 during our at-home learning time, Mr. Kleyn shares
    steps for finding encyclopedia articles and eBooks from home. 



    Salmon Release 2020


    Due to coronavirus related school closures, our school's coho salmon 
    needed to be released one month earlier than normal. This video will 
    take you along the journey from school to stream.  We look forward
    to next year when students can take part in the release. 


    "Unread Book It Up!" Video


    Third and fourth graders enjoyed a book tasting fueled by the song "Unread Book It Up!" When the music stopped, everyone had to choose a chair and give a stack of books a "taste."  Students discovered so many books they might never have tried.   


    The Fabulous Five Read "The Fabulous Five"


    Fourth graders, Charlie, Camden, Aden, Dylan, and Kash, worked together to learn the poem, "The Fabulous Five" from the Washington Children's Choice nominee book, "Friends and Foes" by Douglas Florian.  They had such a great time performing the poem, we decided we had to capture it on video. 


    LFP PTA Support For Our Library


    The Lake Forest Park PTA has helped our library purchase many
    new books this year.  Thank you, LFP PTA!


    3rd Graders Read and Reported on Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominees


    In 2017, third grade students read Washington Children's Choice Award nominees from past years, wrote
    reports, and shared their reports on video.  


    Fifth Grade Students Share Favorite Poems


    Mrs. Keeley inspired her students to check out Library poetry books and memorize a poem.  A few of her students recited their poems in Library and we recorded them.