• ZZoom logo oom is a video conferencing tool available for all Shoreline staff. Below you will find tutorials specific to use in Shoreline. Check out the links below for general tutorials.


    Note: Many settings for teachers have already been configured by default to enhance security:

    • Waiting rooms are required 
    • Private chat is disabled
    • Screen sharing is disabled but can be turned on by host
    • Annotation is disabled but can be turned on by host
    • Participants are muted on entry by default
    • Local recording is disabled, but hosts can record to the cloud and then save to their local device
    • All participants are notified if a meeting is being recorded and have the opportunity to leave the meeting before being recorded


Install Zoom on Laptop

Join a Zoom Meeting

Meeting Controls

Schedule a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Audio

Breakout Rooms

Tips on professional use of zoom

  • Workspace

    • Keep your home space personal and your workspace professional – while working, remain in a stationary/limited workspace.
    • Respect and refrain from commenting on students’ workspaces.


    • What students can see should remain as professional and appropriate as your classroom.
    • That includes what you wear, who’s in the background, and any audio that might be overheard..


    • Use the same professional judgment and precautions working individually with students online that you would use in your classroom/office.
      • Until further notice, refrain from working 1:1 with students unless pre-approved in writing by your immediate supervisor.
      • Supervisors may authorize individual and groups of employees to work 1:1 with students in zoom or zoom breakout rooms, based on student needs and the types of educational support being provided.
    • The ability of students to record a zoom session has been disabled. Your ability as a host to record to the cloud has been turned on. This can be helpful if you are using zoom for instructional screen casts or working with coworkers.  You can share the link with registered shoreline zoom users but only you can download the video. Please do not record zoom sessions with students unless you have the permission of your supervisor.
    • Student’s ability to download chat records has been disabled and the default settings for saving chats for teachers is also turned off. Private chat between participants is turned off.
    • You should only use your District-supplied technology to communicate with students. Please do not do zoom meetings with students, staff or families on personal phones or computers