Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • All Shoreline schools and district facilities are receiving extra attention at this time to respond to concerns regarding the spread of viruses. Below is information regarding our cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

    We are very grateful to and proud of the work being performed by our professional custodians: 

    Specialized Flu/Virus Cleaning Routines

    • Each school and district facility will have all touchpoints (*listed below) disinfected at least once each week in addition to daily cleaning of door handles, push bars, etc. The special weekly disinfecting process will continue during the flu and virus season.
    • A special task force has been trained and deployed to provide supplemental support for schools and facilities that need additional hands to fully cover the special disinfecting routines. 

    Daily Cleaning Routines

    • In addition to the special work outlined above, custodians are performing their regular daily cleaning, including wiping down tables, chairs and other surfaces, emptying trash, cleaning restrooms, vacuuming, and cleaning floors.

    Specialized Cleaning Products:

    • A very powerful hospital strength chemical concentrate, specially mixed at a level designed to kill viruses, is being applied by trained staff to disinfect all touchpoints* and surfaces in our schools.
    • For the safety of students and staff, this chemical is being applied when classrooms and other spaces are not occupied.
    • To be effective, the product must dry intact without being disturbed. Once it is dry it is not toxic to people.
    • Common household disinfectants are not to be used at school, by anyone, because:
      • They contain chemicals (including bleach) which are banned from use in schools.
      • They undermine the effectiveness of the industrial-strength disinfectant being applied by our custodial staff.
    • The specialized hospital strength disinfectant requires special handling and cannot be applied by anyone other than trained staff. 

    Approved School Cleaning Products:

    • A pre-mixed, less toxic version of the same disinfectant can be used by custodians, teachers, nurses, and other staff as necessary to clean up common school issues (such as vomit, blood, and other bodily fluids).
      • The pre-mixed product, “3M Heavy Duty Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate”, can be ordered in spray bottles by the school/department from Supply Works. It will include the Safety Data Sheet that must be read and understood by anyone using it.
    • Child-friendly wipes that will kill germs but are appropriate for use in schools may also be ordered from Supply Works. Approved wipes will be posted on the Maintenance & Operations web page shortly. 

    Hand Sanitizers:

    • Wall-mounted hand sanitizing stations are being installed in all school offices.
    • The hand sanitizing product being used meets the minimum 60% alcohol threshold recommended by the CDC.
    • Adults should always supervise the use of hand sanitizers by children.

    Computer Keyboards and Touch Screens:

    Additional information will be provided shortly concerning the products approved to disinfect computer equipment.


    • Door handles & push bars & push plates everywhere
    • Light switches
    • Classroom door windows
    • Classroom sinks and faucet handles, counters
    • Classroom tables/chairs
    • Elevator push buttons 
    • Water fountains/bottle filling stations
    • Restroom doors, handles and push plates
    • ADA Bars
    • Toilet and urinal handles
    • Sanitary napkin dispensers
    • Sink and faucet handles
    • Toilet paper, soap, and paper towel dispensers and handles