• School policy prohibits students from having any medication on their person while on campus. This includes over-the-counter medications such as cough drops, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. This policy is for the safety of all students at school. If a student is found to have medications on campus, they will be confiscated and a parent/guardian will be contacted.


    If your student requires medication at school, you must first contact the school nurse to make arrangements, including:

    • A current Permission to Administer Medication form signed by both a parent/guardian and licensed healthcare provider
    • Medication must be delivered to school in a properly labeled prescription or original over-the-counter container. For prescription medication, the student’s name must be on the label with proper identification of the drug, dosage and directions for administration.
    • Controlled substance medications (such as those commonly prescribed for ADHD) MUST be delivered and counted with the nurse by a parent or guardian. Do not send controlled substance medication to school with your student.
    • The Permission to Administer Medication form is effective for the current school year only.
    • If changes to the medication, dosage, or timing are necessary, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to notify the school and provide verification from the student’s healthcare provider.


    If your child requires pain management medication such as for frequent headaches or menstrual cramping, please consider having the form completed and keeping medication at school. This allows the nurse to address pain and minimize school absences or time away from instruction.