• When students come to school ill, staff and other students are exposed. Please keep your student home from school if you assess any of the following:


    • FEVER** of 100O F or more
    • DIARRHEA ** 3 or more occasions in past 24 hours or any bloody stool
    • VOMITING** 2 or more occasions
    • Rash, especially with fever
    • Eye Discharge or Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment
    • Sick in appearance or countenance and/or unable to keep up with school activities
    • Open or oozing sores until clear or until 24 hours of antibiotic treatment if necessary.


    **Students should be fever free without fever reducing medication and/or free of vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours before returning to school. Also note that the criteria above are the same guidelines the school nurse will utilize in determining whether a student should be sent home ill from school.


    When recovering from illness or initialing becoming ill, it is not unusual for children to feel better in the morning and then worse as the day progresses. The school is not equipped for prolonged care of sick children. We request that you or an emergency contact make every effort to pickup your child within an hour of being contacted. Please keep your contact information and current emergency contacts updated.