• Our Goal 


    Our goal is to help all students become self-managers and skilled problem solvers, while remaining in the learning environment. 

    One way we support students in this goal, at Briarcrest, is through the school-wide use of Reset Stations.



    What is a Reset Station?


    Reset Stations can be found in all learning environments at Briarcrest. The Reset Stations are physical spaces that allows students the opportunity to work through difficult emotions and/or refocus themselves, without leaving the classroom (and, therefore, not missing instruction). 

    Reset Stations are not a punishment or discipline practice, rather a place for students to practice calming strategies and the development of self-management skills

    The research shows that students are most academically successful and prepared for adulthood when they learn the tools to manage themselves in a healthy way when challenges/emotionally charged situations arise

    Use of the Rest Stations help reduce learning disruptions for the individual child as well as the rest of the class.

    Sometimes we will suggest that a student go to the Reset Station, though our goal is to teach students, themselves, to know when it would benefit them to go. 

    As the year goes on and children become more adept at using the Reset Station, we begin to see them managing their feelings in the moment without needing the physical space.


    How do we teach children the use of the Reset Station?

    We begin by… explaining that it is very normal for children to “sometimes experience strong feelings (sadness, frustration, anxiety, anger, etc) or difficulty focusing which prevents them from being able to learn and participate with the class”. 

    We let them know that…”taking some time alone at the Reset Station can help them calm themselves and refocus, allowing them to rejoin the class and be ready to learn”. 

    We introduce… use of the Reset Station as we introduce basic classroom routines such as responding to the quiet signal, raising a hand to speak, etc. Just as these classroom routines provide a sense of order and security, the Reset Station reassures children that their personal emotional needs will be taken care of. Children know that they have a place to work through their feelings, when needed, while remaining in the learning environment.