• A diverse and inclusive group of parent, student, community, and staff members will:

    • Recommend to the Superintendent and the School Board for approval, the vision and guiding principles of a high quality secondary school counseling program
    • The vision and guiding principles will serve as the foundation for the program recommendations that will be submitted for approval to the Superintendent and her cabinet

Committee Members

  • Committee Co-Chairs:

    • Scott Irwin, Director of Secondary Student Sevrices
    • Dan Gallagher, Director of Career and Technical Education


    Committee Members:

    Secondary Counselors
    Katie Antes-Tadros, Lauren Paulhamus, Marie Hurtado, Sara McManus, Samantha Wren

    Elementary & K-8 Counselors
    Katie McCain, Micaela Katz

    Adam Elder, Elizabeth Kunchandy, Jennifer Cohen, Tara Hicks, Josh Krawczyk, Jill Steinberg, Kris McRea, Julie Amundson

    Fraol Debele, Dylan Pugh, Frank Clark, Andrew Zeleke

    Classified Staff
    Jocelyn Hudson, John L Williams, Jennifer Klock

    District Administrators
    Allison MacGregor Fornes

    Kelsey Campbell

    Becky Worrell, Elaine Swanson

Committee Powerpoints

Meeting Dates

  • 4:00 - 6:00 PM

    Thursday 10/10/19

    Tuesday 11/5/19

    Tuesday 12/3/19

    Tuesday 1/14/20 - cancelled due to weather

    Tuesday 2/4/20

    Tuesday 3/3/20 - Additional meeting added due to January cancellation

    Thursday 4/8/21