• Here is the Home Connections book.  Be sure to copy just pages that you need.  The Home Connections book is over 175 pages including the table of contents.

    5th Grade Home Connections

    (Please don't let your child work ahead in the homework book even if they want to.  The students need to learn and use the strategies that this program is teaching them as they are learning it in class.  If you want to know what lesson we are on exactly just email me.  Thank you!)

    We have done these units/modules so far: 

    Unit 1, Modules 1-4 (pages 1-2o)

    Unit 2, Modules 1-2 (pages 21-30)

    If you need additional homework, I can help you or your child tear out the old pages in their Student Books that are here at school, and they can do the pages that we haven't had time to do in class at home for review instead. Just send me an email or come in and we can get those packets of work to do at home.