• 5th Grade Math News

    In September and October, our Fifth Grade class has been working on Unit 1 in Bridges.  This is the summary of what we have been learning about.  Ask your student to tell you about it.

    Bridges Unit 1 Parent Letter


    4th Grade Reading and Writing

    In Reading we have set reading goals and started working toward those goals.  Each student has an individual goal to reach reading books at his/her reading level.  Students read a book (at their level), pass a Reading Counts Quiz (or give a book report to me).  Then he/she can get a star or jewel on their character, and their character moves up a paper race track.  We will have a celebration for achieving our goals at the end of November.  

    We are also learning about fairy tales, sequencing, synonyms, vocabulary, and doing word work on spelling patterns.

    For Writing, we have written five paragraph opinion papers about what we liked best about camp this year. We hope to have these ready to share by conference time.



    In our Food Chemistry Unit, we have been testing different liquids and foods for proteins and glucose.  (We found out, that it's not that easy to have consistent results without contamination!).  We have also been reading about nutrition, vitamins, and food labels. 


    4th Grade Health

    Once a week we have a health lesson.  In September our theme was Safety.  In October our theme is Teeth.  Be sure to check out the website in my website section to find out how to see the monthly magazines online.


    Social Studies

    We have been studying about our rights and becoming citizens of the US.  The students are now working on State Reports using Book Creator, which is a website where they can make a virtual book about their state.

    It's been a busy month!