• On July 15th, 2019, the Shoreline School Board approved the Special Education Program Review committee recommendation to have a diverse group of stakeholders define a clearly articulated vision and develop guiding principles for the special education program. The outcome of this work is specifically intended to:

    • Clearly define the Shoreline Special Education program vision and foundational guiding principles in order to provide a "guide" for decision making regarding instruction, supports, training, staffing, etc.
    • Ensure the vision and principles are determined by stakeholders that are representative of our community and student population

Committee Members

  • Committee Co-Chairs:

    • Becca Anderson, Executive Director of Student Services
    • Scott Irwin, Director of Secondary Student Sevrices


    Committee Members:

    Elementary Teachers
    Faye Rasmussen, Allan Rand, Kelly Vihnanek, Laura Reed

    Secondary Teachers
    Jodi Mackey, Carlotta Han, Alicia Favreau, Tammy Ceesay, Emily Hazard

    Rebekah Hamon, April McGill, Heather Guiberson, Hayley Uhm, Ami English, Justin Hanney, Erin Acheson, Ananda Scott, Heather Warren, Katie Rohs, Karli Christiansen

    Classified Staff
    Diana Antunes

    Jessica Torvik Lee, Jacqueline Estephan

    Nikki Martin, Leslie Galamb, Alena Roberts, Erika Sundgren

    Casey Campbell, Nancy Elder, John Simard, Andrew Lohman

    Community Members
    Judy Schaad

Committee Powerpoints

Meeting Dates

  • 4:00 - 6:00 PM


    Thursday 10/17/19

    Wednesday 10/30/19

    Thursday 11/14/19

    Wednesday 12/11/19

    Wednesday, 1/8/20

    Wednesday 1/22/20

    Thursday 2/13/20

    Tuesday 10/5/21

    Tueday 11/2/21

    Tuesday 12/7/21

    Tuesday 1/4/22

    Tuesday 2/1/22