Book Stack

Check Out Policies

    • Students come to the library once a week on a designated day and time.  Families are welcome to come in during their student's library time.  Schedule is HERE.
    • Books lost or damaged must be paid for or replaced before the end of the school year. Library staff will notify the guardian via email or phone, and put a plan into place about reimbursement or replacement.  Students may then resume check out.
    • Students check out once a week. Books are due the following week on their library day.  Students cannot check out if their book is overdue and they have reached their individual limit.
    • Help your student remember their books on their library day.
    • Guardians are welcome to come check out additional books at anytime.  
    • Parkwood has an open library policy, meaning students can come to the library at anytime during the week (with teacher permission) to renew, check out, return books, to read, or work on projects. 
    • Kinders will ease into the library checkout process. Books checked out to the student at the beginning of the year will stay in their classroom for a few weeks before taking them home. Then books will come home once a week in a bag labeled with their name and student ID #.  If the student returns their book withOUT their bag, they are still allowed to check out. Please try to return the bag with the book the following week.  


Check Out Limits

  • The number of books per student can change for certain circumstances (ie-classroom projects, avid readers, etc.). This is a starting point and numbers may change after Winter Break or throughout the year. All students will start out with a lower checkout minimum at the beginning of the year to ease them into the library checkout process

    Kinder - 1

    1st - 2
    2nd- 3
    3rd - 3
    4th - 3
    5th - 4
    6th - 4+