• Week of March 9th

    2nd Grade Reading:

    Students began the week by taking a spelling inventory. The spelling inventory helps determine what word families students will practice during word study. As readers we are practicing holding onto our thinking by jotting and keeping track of character's actions, traits, and problems. We are also noticing patterns in our stories and asking ourselves why they are important (patterns with character's actions, traits, and problems).

    3rd Grade Math:

    This week the 3rd graders are practicing multiplying by nine and six. On Monday we played a game of True or False? Students will be creating their own multiplication and division story problems. Then we will have a math forum to discuss strategies for solving those story problems. We will learn a new game called Line 'Em Up, which will reinforce the use of an array model for division. We will end the week by learning another game called Division Capture where students will practice basic division facts.


    Social Studies: Students are putting their finishing touches on their travel brochures. Travel brochures are due Friday, March 20th.

    Writing: Students are preparing to publish their information books. Information books are due Friday, March 20th.