• How can students participate in highly capable program eligibility assessment? 

    Kindergarten: If your student is in Kindergarten, no action is required at this time. Shoreline will screen all kindergarten students for the Highly Capable Primary Enrichment Program (PEP) using classroom-based assessments. Kindergarten students do not need to register for assesment. Students who qualify for PEP services will be eligible to begin receiving services in the Spring and will continue through first grade. More information on PEP Services can be found here.

    Grade 1: Shoreline will screen all first grade students for highly capable program eligibility in the Fall. Students who meet the screening threshold will be invited to register for assessment. Families will receive an email the first week in November if their first grade student meets the screening threshold and is eligible for further assessment. Students who qualify for highly capable services will be eligible to begin receiving services the following Fall.

    Grades 2+: Students in Grade 2 and above will need to register for Highly Capable screening. By completing the Registration/Consent Form, you are referring your student for screening and giving permission for further assessment if needed. Students who qualify for highly capable services will be eligible to begin receiving services the following Fall. Registration Closed December 11th, 2020.

    Summer Testing: Shoreline plans to provide an optional highly capable testing opportunity during the summer for new Shoreline students only who did not participate in testing during the 20-21 school year. 

Eligibility Process

  • Step 1. Registration and Consent:

    If you would like your student to be evaluated for Highly Capable services, your first step is to complete an online Registration and Consent Form. By law, we must have written permission from a student’s legal parent or guardian to administer Highly Capable tests. The deadline for registration is December 11, 2020 at 4pm. No late registrations will be accepted. You need to complete the Registration and Consent Form in order to participate in assessment.

    Step 2. Screening:

    During screening, the Highly Capable Department reviews student data and determines if further testing is needed. Families will be notified if their student is eligible for further assessment. Students must display advanced cognitive and/or academic achievement on screening indicators in order to participate in assessment. If you received an email indicating your first grade student met the screening threshold, then we have already screened your student and determined they are eligible for further assessment.

    Step 3. Assessment:

    Students who qualify for Highly Capable Assessment may participate in on-line Highly Capable testing in January. Families will be notified of their student’s testing day and time and will be provided instructions on how to access the assessment.


  • Any staff member, student, parent/guardian, or community member may nominate a Shoreline student for hi-cap evaluation by completing this on-line Nomination Form

    For students nominated by someone other than their parent/guardian, families will be notified and invited to provide consent for assessment. 

    All Kindergarten and 1st grade students are screened for possible highly capable identification and service during the school year. Therefore, there is no nomination process for current Kindergarten and 1st grade students.