• Kindergarten: Students who are identified as eligible for Highly Capable services are served in the spring of the school year in the "Talent Development" program. Students will continue in the Talent Development program through their first grade year. At the end of first grade students will be assessed for qualificaton for further HiCap services in Math and/or ELA. Research in supporting young highly capable learners indicates that they benefit from cooperative learning experiences with exposure to intellectual peers. Research also indicates that young highly capable learners benefit from integrated project-based opportunities to apply their learning in new ways. Talent Development services provide enhanced or extended learning opportunities in the regular classroom.

    Grades 1-6: 

    • Students who qualify for highly capable services in two content areas (Math and English Language Arts (ELA)) may choose to receive services in Shoreline's self-contained HiCap program at Meridian Park. Beginning Fall 2020, there will no longer be a magnet program at Ridgecrest. All students who qualify for services in both ELA and Math may attend the magnet program at Meridian Park. Students who qualify for services in both ELA and Math may also choose to remain in their neighborhood school as receive services as described below.
    • Students who qualify for highly capable services in one content area (Math or ELA) will receive services at their neighborhood home school.  Services are provided through differentiation (ELA) and acceleration (Math). The program provides enriched and faster paced curriculum with high levels of depth and complexity. Students work above grade level in Mathematics, so highly capable students enter middle school up to two years accelerated in Mathematics. Instruction in English Language Arts is taught using on-grade level standards, but at a greater level of depth and complexity.


  • In the middle and high schools, highly capable students have a wide variety of challenging courses open to them. Therefore we do not have specific classes just for these students. The counselors at their schools monitor the progress of the highly capable students on a regular basis paying attention to which classes they are taking and their progress. The goal is to assure that they are taking advantage of the challenging work for which we know they are capable. Students applying for college can indicate on their applications that they participated in a highly capable program. This could help their application to stand out from others.

    Middle School Course Options:

    NEW for 2019-2020!  The Secondary Highly Capable Review Committee which met in 2017-2018 recommended some changes to services in the middle school.  

    Services in English Language Arts:

    In ELA, students in grades 7 and 8 have the option to participate in a highly capable cohort group.  Students who qualify for ELA services can be placed in a class period of English specifically for highly capable students.  When there are not enough students to complete a class, highly capable students will be clustered together in the class period and the class will be filled with other students. The highly capable ELA cohort will:

    • Allow the teacher to customize the grade-level curriculum and standards to better meet the academic needs of gifted students
    • Provide increased access to intellectual peers
    • Provide a supportive environment that meets the social/emotional learning needs of highly capable students

    Services in Math:

    The committee did not recommend any changes to services in math. Students will continue to be placed based on course level.  

    Accepting/Declining Services:

    Students and families can elect to participate in the ELA cohort on the registration form. Students and families may decline highly capable services in ELA and elect not to participate in the cohort class.  Declining services does not mean that a student is no longer identified as highly capable in ELA. Students and families will have the option to accept or decline services during registration each year. For example, if an incoming 7th grade student declines services and does not elect to participate in the cohort, they can still elect to receive services and join a cohort class as an 8th grade student.

    Students and families should select the course they feel best meets their student’s academic and social needs. Considerations include: the students interest in and passion for English Language Arts, desire for and comfort level with additional academic challenge, and relationships with social and intellectual peers.  For families of students in the magnet programs, please keep in mind that the cohort classes will include students from the neighborhood schools as well as students who participated in the magnet programs allowing for an expanded peer group.

    Students in Grades 7 - 8 may opt to participate in one or more Honors classes, in addition to accelerated Math courses (Algebra 1 and Geometry). Our middle school Honors classes include Honors Social Studies, Honors Science, and Advanced English. Because students can choose to take a few or several Honors classes, these opportunities can be individualized to meet each student's unique strengths. Honors courses offer students the opportunity to learn concepts at higher levels of depth and at a faster pace.

    High School Course Options:

    Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and University of Washington Credit Courses

    At the high school level, both Shorewood and Shorecrest offer Honors classes in addition to opportunities for students to take Advanced Placement and UW college credit courses in the high school. Shoreline offers the following AP courses: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry, AP Economics Micro/Macro, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP French, AP Music Theory, AP Physics, AP Psychology, AP Spanish, AP Statistics, AP Studio Art, AP US History, and AP World History.

    In addition, Shoreline offers UWHS Pre-Calculus / UW Math, UW Japanese 113, and UW Japanese 211. Because they are taught at college levels, these courses are all accelerated and enhanced for students. In addition, since we offer a breadth of courses in multiple departments, this gives students the chance to find challenging courses according to their own unique needs and capabilities.

    High school juniors and seniors are eligible for Running Start at Shorewood & Shorecrest. Running Start students take community college classes tuition free and earn credits at the high school and college simultaneously.