• Kindergarten Supply List


    Community materials, do not label:

    • 1 box Crayola wide markers-(classic colors)
    • 1 box Crayola thin markers-(classic colors)
    • 1 box Crayola crayons (box of 24)
    • 1 box Crayola water color paint set (8 colors)
    • 12 glue sticks
    • 2 boxes of crackers – extra large (e.g. ritz, goldfish, pita chips, graham crackers)
    • 1 box kleenex
    • 1 package baby wipes
    • 1 package of flat wrapping paper - any occasion
    • $7.00 cash or check made out to Meridian Park Elementary School for Let’s Find Out Magazine, a weekly non-fiction magazine that supplements our study of non-fiction.


     Last Name A to K:

    • 1 box of Quart-size plastic bags
    • 1 pump bottle hand sanitizer


    Last Name L to Z

    • 1 package disinfectant wipes
    • 1 box Ziplock gallon bags or Ziplock sandwich bags


    The following personal materials should be clearly labeled:

    • 1 large roomy backpack (2 shoulder strap)

    If convenient, please bring these items to the classrooms when you come for the Back to School Barbecue or bring them with you to your WaKids discussion session.