• Home/Hospital instruction is provided to students who are temporarily unable to attend school for an estimated period of four weeks or more because of a physical and/or mental disability or illness. The program does not provide tutoring to students caring for an infant or a relative who is ill.

    This allows students to continue their education through a School District tutor that contacts the student’s teacher(s) for assignments and then goes to the student’s home or to the hospital to deliver and pick up assignments and assist where needed.

    Home Hospital is a statewide program that has guidelines we must follow (WAC 392-182-218). The maximum amount of time a student may use these services within a single school year is 18 weeks. 

    The physician must state that the student may need to be out of school for at least 20 consecutive school days (4 weeks) in order for us to process an application for this program. The student may return to school before the 20 days is up if their recovery takes less time then anticipated with no penalty. Students may also come to school for partial days as their condition improves and continue to remain getting Home Hospital services.

     There are 3 forms needed to complete the application process:

    Shoreline Public Schools Special Programs Request for Home/Hospital Instruction
    This is the form that is filled out by the student's physician. The physician MUST state that the student will be out for at least 20 consecutive school days (4 weeks) or we may not process the application. This form is returned to the nurse’s office. 

    Application for Home Hospital Instruction
    This is filled out by the student's parent/guardian and returned to the nurse's office 

    Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Information 
    This allows the nurse to speak directly to your student’s physician to coordinate services and needs. I commonly limit the scope of my contact to the current concern that is keeping the student out of school. This form is returned to the nurse's office.