2019 Chromebook Program Information

  • 2019 Chromebook Checkout (9th-11th Grade)

    In early February the existing district provided iPads are being retired and replaced with new Lenovo Chromebooks. See FAQ for more information on the Chromebook program. These devices are being checked-out to all 9th-11th grade students for school and home use. Shorecrest’s checkout will start on Monday February 4th and Shorewood’s checkout will start after mid-winter break on Monday February 25th (note date change due to snow). Please review the following information in order to be prepared for this transition.

    Required Form

    2019 Chromebook Usage Agreement - this form must be completed for all 9th-11th grade students prior to Chromebook checkout. Students will not be issued a Chromebook without a signed and completed 2019 Chromebook Usage Agreement.

    Chromebook Program Fee

    A fee of $35.00 per 9th-11th grade student will be collected to help maintain the district take-home Chromebook program. The fee has been a standard part of our take home program, but was delayed this year until a new device was chosen. This fee may be met in the following ways:

    • Online Payment - Go to the Shoreline School District online payment site. See below for online payment instructions. Note: a $1.50 bank fee applies for online payments.
    • Business Office - Chromebook fee may be paid in person at the school business office during regular business hours.
    • Fee Waiver - Chromebook fee waiver request forms are available in the school tech office. You may also download the fee waiver form.

    Required iPad Return

    9th-11th grade students will be required to turn-in their iPad, charger, and cable at the time of Chromebook check-out. The iPads should be at least 50% charged, students should be signed out of Apple iCloud accounts, and any device passcodes removed. Students should also backup any data they need to save prior to the check-out date. The following iPad fines will apply for lost, stolen, of damaged iPads.

    • Lost/stolen iPad - $40 fine assessed and required completion of lost/stolen report. Police report will be required for iPads being reported as stolen from off-campus. A school Technology Loss/Theft Report form will be required for iPads being reported as lost/stolen from school. iPads reported as lost/stolen will be remotely locked.
    • Damaged iPad - $40 fine will be assessed to the student for major damage to the device i.e. broken glass or screen.

    Home Use Opt-Out

    All 9th-11th grade students will be required to check-out a district issued Chromebook. However, parents/guardians may choose to opt-out of student take-home use. Families who opt-out of home use assume responsibility for providing adequate access at home for completion of school assignments. Students who opt-out will be required to pick-up and return their Chromebook to a designated location each day as the device will be required for in-school classroom use.

    • Opt-Out form is available in the school tech office. You may also download the Opt-Out form from the district website.
    • Opt-Out forms must be signed by a parent/guardian and turned-in by the student at the time of Chromebook check-out.
    • The Chromebook Usage Agreement and Chromebook fee are not required if opting out of take-home use.


    Online Form Instructions (Skyward Family Access)

    Note: If you have more than one student at Shorewood/Shorecrest, you must complete the online form individually for each student.

    1. Log-in to Skyward Family Access using your parent/guardian account (not your student's account). The parent/guardian account you use must be associated with the students "primary family" in order to view the form and accept the Chromebook Usage Agreement.
    2. You will be prompted that you have an online form to complete. If you are not prompted, click the "Online Forms" link in the left sidebar of Family Access.
    3. Click the link for the form you want to complete.
    4. After reading the Chromebook Agreement, scroll to bottom and click on "eSignature" and 
      choose "Agree", then enter current date in the "Date" field (date must be entered in MM/DD/YYYY format).
    5. Click on the "Complete Step 1 and move to Step 2" button at bottom of screen.
    6. Click the "Submit" button.
    7. You will receive an onscreen confirmation that the form was completed successfully.

    Online Payment Instructions

    Note: If you are paying for multiple students you must add the Chromebook fee to your cart separately for each student. You can use the "Your Family" option at the upper left corner of the screen to switch between students.

    1. Go to the Shoreline School District online payment site.
    2. Follow the instructions on the page for signing in to your account.
    3. Once signed in, select the student from your list that you are shopping for.
    4. Under "Shop" choose the "Items at Students School" option.
    5. Under "Categories" choose "Chromebook".
    6. Select "Chromebook Fee".
    7. Click "Buy" to add the Chromebook fee to your cart.
    8. Click the "Checkout" link to view your cart.
    9. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete your purchase. Note: a $1.50 bank fee will be added.



    For high school Chromebook program questions please email: chromebook@shorelineschools.org.

    For Skyward Family Access login questions please email: sis@shorelineschools.org.