• Shorecrest High School Girl’s Basketball Program Vision

    The Shorecrest High School girl’s basketball program will compete annually in the State Tournament, provide a memorable experience, and produce graduates who understand and value teamwork, earning what they achieve, responsibility, and accountability.

    We will achieve this by starting the girls at a young age. Pre-third grade, we will provide Summer and holiday camps to teach introduction to basketball with a strong focus on repetition training and fundamentals.

    4th through 8th grade girls will be invited to these fundamentals-based camps, Spring and Fall training opportunities, and be invited to play for their feeder program, coached by the high school staff (4th-6th grade) and coaches versed in the system.

    High school girls on the JV and C team will focus half time on fundamentals and half on winning games. The Varsity girls will work toward the State Tournament.

    There will be leadership opportunities for the girls every step of the way. The high school girls will be asked to work with and mentor the younger girls, and the middle school girls will be given opportunities to serve as the example and work with the younger girls.

    Shorecrest Select Program  70% fundamentals-30% game prep

    The feeder (or Select) program will be coached by high school coaches Carlos Humphrey and Logan Weckbaugh. They will consult with the program instructing other coaches on the high school philosophy and approach. That said, the feeder organization is a separate program run by parents within the program.

    Program coaches will meet periodically to discuss and share the high school philosophy and how to apply it to feeder. The 3rd-8th grade teams will have similar offensive, defensive and game management schemes as the high school program; Including practice structure, player development and team culture.

    Participation in the feeder program is not mandatory for any athlete. But participation in grade school feeder teams will help the athletes feel more prepared as they enter their high school tryouts their freshman year. AAU teams traditionally go silent during feeder season so athletes can have a few months to play with their school teams; building chemistry and becoming familiar with their high school’s coaches and philosophy

    As we look ahead to our long term success, the fundamentals, concepts and lessons taught within our select program will be a major key to our success at the high school level!

    Varsity 50% fundamentals-50% game prep (shift to 70%-30% at midpoint of season as we prepare for State tournament)
    JV and C-Team Basketball Program 50% fundamentals-50% game prep (all season)

    High school will feature a balanced practice structure including offensive and defensive work, player development (guards & bigs), and improving player IQ (ex. late game situations).

    The foundation of the Shorecrest system is a motion offense: with emphasis on team basketball, ball movement, and our athletes given the freedom and trust to make in-game decisions based on what they see.

    The defensive philosophy will focus mainly on man to man defense and understanding how to guard all offenses, including rotations and ball screens.

    Basketball IQ will be most important in late game situations; understanding how to play and what to do at the end of games based on time and score (example: Up 2 with 30 seconds left, understanding what options to look for and what to do to give us the best chance to win the game).

    Coaching Philosophy & Expectations   

    It is the Head Coach’s responsibility to understand each player and how to keep them motivated and engaged. while handling multiple personalities throughout the course of the season.

    We will accomplish this through truth and open dialog. By holding each player accountable, regardless of their talent or ability, and by having high expectations, we will set our culture and accomplish our goals faster.

    Our athletes will never feel confused on what is expected of them because of the open and honest feedback they will constantly receive from the entire coaching staff. Having a clear understanding of these concepts will create a culture of hard work and trust from our coaching staff to our athletes.

    These are high expectations of our athletes in the gym, the classroom, at other school activities, and at social functions. The coaching staff will be held to the same standards, as we are a constant reflection of the Scots community. Philosophically, our athletes start with trust from the coaching staff until they prove otherwise.

    As our athletes graduate from Shorecrest High School, our goal for them is to have a solid understanding of what accountability and hard work looks like through their experience in our basketball program. Knowing that hard work equals success will carry them far past the game of basketball.


    In our program, our coaching staff will demand work hard, concentration, communication, and competition at every practice. Practices will be tougher than games; High energy, efficient, and competitive for maximum preparation.  

    Our athletes will receive high level instruction while repping at game speed. We cannot expect anything to translate into game situations if we do not practice at game speed.

    We will go over all game situations starting with arrival at the gym, the national anthem, before game locker room preparation, warm ups, half time talk/adjustments, and interview questions with our athletes.

    Our goal by the start of the season it to be able to play 32 hard minutes of man-to-man defense. Our goal by the halfway mark of every season is to be the most prepared team in our conference.

    Defensive Philosophy

    Every team in our program, from the bottom to the top, will have a clear understanding that defense is what will make us successful. Our teams will play mainly man to man; learning how to play hard nosed and tough defense, but with the correct rotations and the high IQ necessary to switch defenses after, and during, each and every possession. .

    Defensive Goals For Each Season:

    1. Lead the league in fewest points allowed per game

    2. Lead the league in rebounding

    3. Winning the foul count battle (Not fouling and playing defense with our feet, not hands)

    Offensive Philosophy

    We will run a motion offense that emphasizes ball movement, player movement, spacing, and playing the game from the inside and out. We will have a clear understanding of giving up good shots for great shots, valuing each possession, and getting the best shots possible.

    Getting our program to understand that less dribbling and more passing will build trust in each other and make the defense work. Our field goal percentage as a team will go up when everyone is involved, and we are moving the ball inside and out.

    Goals For Each Season:

    1. Leading the league in assists

    2. Leading the league in field goal percentage

    3. Leading the league in offensive rebounds

    Off Season

    1. Spend time on fundamentals - lots of shooting and ball-handling reps

    2. Individual strength and conditioning weight room and cardio workouts

    3. Goal Setting (get BETTER path and win the day calendar)

    4. If players have other sports, they should embrace them and the different workout they get from them

    5. Focus on fundamentals over AAU games and team practices (though both are important)

    June and July (Summer basketball)

    The Summer high school girl’s program will focus on fundamentals, strength and conditioning. Many of these girls play plenty of games with their AAU teams. This will be an opportunity to refine their individual skills and get repetition training. The Summer program will be more intense in subsequent years as we continue to establish a culture of mental toughness and hard work. From this, leaders will emerge and illustrate what it takes to become the best.    

    Community Involvement    

    Our program will find ways to encourage school spirit at the campus and within the entire community. The high school girls will be given opportunities throughout the year to serve as leadership and mentors for the younger kids. High school girls may attend a feeder practice or game or attend our camps and work with the younger girls.

    Select night

    Scots Youth Camp: Every summer our program will put a youth camp together that will include our high school players. Youth camps help to create a fun and competitive atmosphere where our youth players have another opportunity to bond with our high school athletes while focusing on practicing at game speed, working on fundamentals, and benefitting from repetition training.