Chormebook Program FAQ

  • The Shoreline School Board voted December 3rd to authorize the purchase of new computers for both high schools. They also approved the fee and fine schedule that will support the program. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about this project.

    Q1: What will the new 1:1 high school device replacement program include?
    A1: See table below:

HS computer proposal
  • Q2: What did the Board approve?
    A2: See detailed list below:

    • 3,500 Lenovo 500e convertible Chromebooks with hard cases
    • 3-year accidental damage protection
    • LightSpeed classroom management software for Shorecrest and Shorewood High School students and teachers as part of a take-home one-to-one program
    • Each high school will have four iPad carts: 3 additional carts of iPads (3 carts + pilot cart)
    • Individual iPads that will distributed on an as-needed basis, like for Special Education students
    • 30 Kajeet mobile Smartspots for each high school
    • Approval of the fine and fee schedule outlined in the background information 


    Q3: What is a Lenovo 500e and what hard case will be provided?
    A3: Lenovo 500e is a convertible Chromebook. It will come with a Gumdrop hard case.

    laptop modes     

      • 2-in-1 design allows both laptop and tablet mode
      • Touch screen
      • 2 cameras (world-facing & web)
      • Attached stylus
      • Gorilla glass screen protection
      • 2.2 GHz quad core Intel Celeron processor
      • 10 hours of battery life
      • See Lenovo website for more details
      • Gumdrop case details
        • Features clear front and back window for viewing district tags and student customizations
        • Custom molded shell fits securely against the Lenovo 500e for long-lasting protection
        • Thick bumper skin around the edges for durable drop protection
        • Allows your device to move freely into any configuration (laptop, tablet, tent & wedge modes)


    Q4: What is the access model?
    A4: One to One take Home program:

    We will continue the one to one access model that has been used in the past. Students will also continue to have the option to opt out of the take home portion of the one-to-on program.

    • Every student is checked out a Lenovo 500e (unless an iPad was issued as a special accommodation)
    • Students will be responsible to care for the device.
    • Students will keep their devices over the summer with an option to turn them in for the summer if requested
    • Students that opt out of the one-to-one program will still be asked to check out a Chromebook from the tech office for use in class
    • All Chromebooks will be covered by an Accidental Damage Protection program that will lower the cost of accidental damage and loss to students and families

    Q5: When will students receive their Chromebook?
    A5: The high school rollout will start at the beginning of the 2nd semester.

    • Students in grades 9-11 will receive the new Chromebooks during the first two weeks of the second semester
    • Students in 12th grade will continue to use their current iPads through the rest of the year
    • The IT department will work with schools to accommodate the needs of 12th graders in blended grade classes
    • Incoming 9th graders will receive Chromebooks in the Fall of 2019

    Q6: What happens to iPads currently checked out to students and teachers?
    A6: iPads will be returned prior to/ at the same time as the Chromebook rollout. iPads will either be repurposed in the district or if no longer supportable, surplused to capture funds for this project.

    • Students and teachers can return their iPads to their local school tech office starting in January
    • Students and teachers can also elect to return their iPads when they check out the new student Chromebook
    • iPads and chargers must be returned or reported as lost prior to new Chromebooks being issued
    • Documentation of loss or theft must be provided on all non-returned iPads (Police or School Security report.) Teachers and students can not elect to keep an iPad and pay the $40 no return fee. This would be considered a misuse of public funds.
    • All iPads declared lost or stolen will also be rendured unusable by the district to protect any possible student data loss.
    • Students will be charged $40 for damaged or non-returned iPads
    • Senior iPad check-in will be late May/early June

     Q7: What professional development will be provided for staff on the new devices?
    A7: District professional development will be provided before students receive their device.

    • 1.5 hour face to face paid training at certificated hourly rate pay
    • 1.5 hour independent Canvas course completion
    • 3 total clock hours
    • Shorecrest staff training is planned for Thursday, January 10th or Tuesday, January 15th
    • Shorewood staff training is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9th and Monday, January 14th from 2:35-4:05pm.
    • In the case that a staff member cannot attend their school’s training, they may elect to go to the other school’s training.

    Q8: Will we still have access to iPads?
    A8: Yes, a limited number of ipads will be available.

    • Each high school will have 4 shared iPad carts: 3 new carts + pilot cart from Spring ‘18
    • Individual student iPads will be distributed to meet specialized needs (e.g., Special Education apps)

    Q9: Will students need to use the district Chromebook or can they use a personal device?
    A9: Students will be required to use the district provided Chromebook for in school use. Students should bring their Chromebooks to class, charged and ready to use every day.

    • Student Chromebooks will use the SchoolNet wireless network which avoids some of the constraints on GuestNet, the wireless network used with personal devices
    • The new Lightspeed software, pre-installed on the Chromebooks, will allow teachers to better manage online learning such as quickly sending a link to all devices in seconds. This functionality will avoid complications associated with a mixed device environment

    Q10: What does the accidental damage protection plan cover?
    A10: The plan covers the first three years of the program. Accidental damage is considered to be damage that occurs under normal use of the Chromebook in typical, safe environments. Examples of accidental damage as listed below. Negligent damage is not covered.



    Best Practice

    Q11: What Paperwork will be required when a Chromebook is damaged?
    A11: Students will be required to complete a “Incident Description” form for all Chromebook damage. This will be used to help determine ADP eligibility and any associated fines/fees.

    Q12: What is the fee and fine schedule?
    A12: The fee and fine schedule has been adjusted to reflect costs of new devices and the inclusion of accidental damage protection coverage.

    • Yearly self-insurance fee of $35 per device
    • Accidental damage fee of $50 per incident
    • Loss due to reported theft $100 per incident
    • Negligent damage fee of $100 per incident
    • Negligent loss fee of $200 per incident
    • Damaged iPad fee of $40 (To be charged when iPads are returned starting in January of 2019. Damaged iPads that need to be repaired in order to return to service will still be charged $75 through December of 2018.)

    Q13: What is the management software that will be provided with the Chromebooks?
    A13: Lightspeed Classroom will be installed on all student and teacher Chromebooks.

    Classroom provides:

    • Notification of unusual or off task activity
    • At-a-glance activity overview
    • Ability to limit the websites available for a lesson
    • Ability to view, share and record student screens
    • Easily communicate with students in real time
    • Control student screens when needed during class time
    • More details here

    Q14: What are Kajeet Smartspots and what will they be used for?
    A14: Kajeet Smartspots are portable internet access points that can be used to provide access to students that would not otherwise have access.

    • Smartspots use local cellular service that is provided as part of their monthly contract
    • Schools, with support from the IT department, will decide how and to whom the access points will be distributed
    • The final model has yet to be determined, but Smartspots are typically loaned out for limited periods of time, from 3 days to a few weeks
    • Smartspot use is limited to student issued Chromebooks
    • Accessible services, websites, times and volume of use will be managed by the district and may be restricted
    • This will be a limited pilot program so device availability will not be guarenteed
    • Accessibility of Internet service is based on cell service so service availability / signal strength can not be guarenteed in all locations

     Q15:What is the purpose of the Teacher issued student Chromebooks?
     A15:Per the current collective bargaining agreement, teachers in grades 9-12 may request to have the same technology that is issued to students. This is not intended to replace the functionality of the teacher laptops, but rather to provide teachers with the ability to use and understand the devices that students have.

    • Teacher issued student Chromebooks are configured exactly the same way as student Chromebooks
    • Only k12.shorelineschools accounts are available on student Chromebooks
    • @shorelineschools email acounts are only accessible through Pronto mail
    • Student Chromebooks have standard student Internet filters applied

    Please fill out the form if you have additional questions.