Policy explanations


    When an athlete has accumulated 10 or more tardies in the current season, and doesn't attend the next available tardy make-up to bring the total under 10, then he/she is suspended from the next competition. 

    In order to make-up tardies, student-athletes need to attend "Tardy Make-Up Sessions" here at Shorecrest.  These take place every other Wednesday, right after school.  Each hour that a student spends at the make-up session can clear 5 tardies from their total. 

    Athletes and their families will be notified in advance via Parent Square if they have 5 or more tardies. 

    Tardy counts will be cleared at the end of each sports season and the count will resume on the 1st turnout day of next season.


    Student-athletes must meet the following guidelines in order to participate in practices and games:

    • On block schedule days - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - must attend 2 of 3 classes PLUS Highland Home
    • On Early Release Wednesdays - must attend 4 of 6 classes

    This policy is in place for all types of absences - no matter if it's excused or not. The only exception would be a school related absence, such as a field trip. 

    Last updated: March, 2022