BC Library Routines/Policies

  • Open Library

    At Briarcrest the library is always open during regular school hours for students to check out.  If your child forgets to bring his/her books on library day, or misses library day, please encourage your child to bring them the next day.

    How many books can each student check out?

    Kindergarten: 2 Books

    1st Grade: 2 Books

    2nd Grade: 2 Books

    3rd Grade: 3 Books

    4th Grade: 4 Books

    5th Grade: 5 Books

    6th Grade: 6 Books


    How Long can students keep their books?  

    Students may keep their books for up to two weeks before they are overdue.  If a student would like to continue reading a book after two weeks s/he should bring the book in to renew it.  If a student does not bring his/her library books back by the due date, the books will become overdue.  Students with overdue books on their record may not be able to check out any other books until they return the overdue book.  If the book is lost or damaged you can pay for or replace the book to clear the student's library record.  Mrs. Loviska will send out overdue notices throughout the year to let you know from time to time if your child has any overdue books.


    What if a book gets damaged?

    Please do not try to repair books at home.  Return the book to the library right away for repair.  Mrs. Loviska has special tools and supplies to make repairs.  The materials you have at home could actually make the damage worse.