• WEBINAR ASSEMBLY RECORDING (audio cuts in and out) 

    PHOTOS from HOCO - prep days, backdrops, stairwells, half-time 

    PHOTOS from HOCO ASSEMBLY - 1 (Villanueva)

    PHOTOS from HOCO ASSEMBLY - 2 (Anneberg)

    Photos from HOCO Assembly, Game, and Half-time - 3 (Lin)


    September 27 - October 1


    Friday, October 1

    3:00 - 5:00

    Shoreline Center Stadium

    Slightly altered schedule for Friday, Oct. 1

    STUDENTS - Please RSVP HERE for the Assembly and bring  your school ID or Photo ID to the stadium

    Parents and alumni can attend.  Please follow all COVID safety protocols including wearing a mask at all times.  Space is limited in the guest seating area.  Dress for the weather - covered seating sections will be for the Shorewood Students.  They will be seated with their grade level classes.  Any students who do not attend Shorewood MUST be accompanied by an adult and must stay seated with that adult at all times.

    For those who can't attend the assembly in person, please join through our live WEBINAR
    Passcode: 802068



    Staff Homecoming 'Skit' Dancing Through the DECADES

    NO Dance or Saturday Event


    Food Options on Friday - 5:00 - 6:30

    Limited supply of popcorn, cotton candy, and pizza donated by Boosters, PTSA, and community members.

    Sugar and Spoon - for purchase

    Tacos -

    $3 for one taco (beef, pork, chicken, and veggie)

    $3 for side of rice and beans

    All gluten free

    Vegan options


    Homecoming Court final vote - place vote by midnight, Tues, 9/28

    General Information SLIDES from the class meetings

    Sign up to volunteer to help with homecoming festivities HERE


    • Theme: Decades

      • Freshmen = 60s

      • Sophomore = 80s

      • Juniors = 50s

      • Seniors = 70s

    • Dress Up Days 

      • Monday: Comfy Cozy

      • Tuesday: Sports/Jerseys

      • Wednesday: Denim

      • Thursday: Dress as your Decade

      • Friday: Class Color (SR = Purple, JR = Black, SO = White, FR = Blue)

    • Lunch Competitions

      • Mon: Smash Brothers Video Game

      • Tue: Basketball BUMP

      • Wed: Rock-Paper-Scissors

      • Thu: Just Dance Video Game

      • Fri: SENIORS - report to the FIELD for a class photo during LUNCH




    PRACTICE THE FIGHT SONG (link to the music with the words)


    HOMECOMING ASSEMBLY 2019 - watch to see what it's all about!!!  The HAND JIVE is at about 1:36:35 in the assembly video.