Reading Inventory Information and Links

  • What is Reading Inventory?

    Reading Inventory is the district assessment for Reading for grades 6-12 beginning fall 2018. Reading Inventory is a new version of our previous SRI assessment.

    How do I log in to Reading Inventory?

    Teachers and students must access the new URL below:


    These urls have been pushed out as bookmarks to all student devices.


    Reading Inventory has been added to the Class Link dashboard for all students and teachers in grades 6-8.

    Teacher Username: first.last

    Teacher Password (NEW for 19-20!): The format of teacher passwords has changed. Please see an email from the district about the password format. For security reasons that information is not posted here.

    Please note: School administrator passwords will remain in the old format of your original distirct issued password, but if the password needs to be reset it will be reset to the format described is the email referenced above. 

    Student Username: lower case first and last name initials + 0 + Student ID (ex. js0123456)

    Student Password: 0 + 0 + Students ID (ex. 00987654)

    *New Students: Student rosters will be updated nightly

    Who is responsible for administering Reading Inventory?

    Classroom teachers or librarians should administer Reading Inventory, similar to how some schools administered SRI testing.

    What do I need to administer Reading Inventory?

    Students will need: 
    • a CHARGED Chromebook, iPad, or laptop. 
    • headphones
    • login information 

    When do I administer Reading Inventory?

    Shoreline has set three assessment windows during the school year. Each window is 4 weeks. Students may take the Reading Inventory test any time within the 4-week window.
    -Window 1: September 10 - October 9, 2019
    -Window 2: January 14 - February 12, 2020
    -Window 3: May 12 - June 10, 2020 

    What about Reading Counts and Read 180?

    Reading Counts is NOT a part of the district's current suite of assessments. Reading Counts and Read 180 are still accessible through the Old SRI system and may be accessed here. The username and password information is the same as the new Reading Inventory assessment as detailed above.