Reading Inventory Information and Links

  • What is Reading Inventory?

    Reading Inventory is the district assessment for Reading for grades 6-12. 

    How to log in to Reading Inventory

    Students and Teachers use single sign-on through ClassLink for accessing Reading Inventory. Teachers and Students may also log into Reading Inventory directly from the Reading Inventory website using their K-12 email address.

    Step 1: Students log into a Chromebook using their k12 Google account.
    Step 2: Click on ClassLink (available from Shoreline Bookmarks. If needed click on Google Sign-In).
    Step 3: Choose SAM/HMH
    Need more info about accessing ClassLink, click here.
    Need step-by-step directions for students to get from ClassLink to Reading Inventory, click here.

    When do I administer Reading Inventory?

    Shoreline has set assessment windows during the school year and has made adjustments for the secondary 3x3 scheudle. Click here for a link to the district assessment calendar.