• Daily Schedule-


    9:05-9:20-     Morning opening, calendar

    9:20-10:05-    Zoom lesson: Math (with Melodee)

    10:05-10:25    Break (snack and movement are both recommended!)

    10:25-11:10    Zoom lesson: ELA (English Language Arts)- Superkids

    11:10-11:20    Break

    11:20-11:35    Small groups (Cheetahs M and TH, Rainbows- T and TH, Superheroes W and F)

    11:35-12:55    Break, complete any SeeSaw activities for math or unfinished ELA work, lunch

    12:55-1:30      Zoom: Science, Social Studies, Writing, Health, Fun Friday special activity

    1:30-1:40       Break

    1:40-2:00       Small groups (Super D and P- M and TH, Unicorns and Trains- T and F)

    2:00-2:30       Zoom lesson: Social Emotional lesson, wrap up for the day

    2:30-3:00       Art or PE lesson (suggested time only- these video lessons can be done anytime)

    3:00-3:30       Asynchronous activites- reading, SeeSaw lessons, practice writing, etc.