School Safety and Emergency Preparedness Update

  • School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

    We want to take a moment to remind our families and community members of our Emergency Preparedness Program. Our staff and students regularly train and drill for a variety of emergency situations, including active shooter events.

    You can review the 2019-20 Emergency Preparedness Program plan overview HERE. You can also learn more about the Run, Hide, Fight protocols that staff and students are trained in HERE.

    We always encourage students, staff and community members to let us know if they hear or see something that seems threatening, out of the ordinary or gives them a sense of unease. Anyone can anonymously send us safety tips via email, text message, phone call or online through our SafeSchools Alert Tip Line

    If you have any questions about emergency preparedness in our schools, please don't hesitate to contact your school's principal or Safety/Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Chuck Goodwin at or 206-393-4237.