i-Ready Information and Links

  • Need i-Ready Tech Support?

    Contact i-Ready tech support at 1-800-225-0248.

    What is i-Ready?

    i-Ready is the district assessment for Math (grades 1+) and Reading (grades 3-5). For more information about i-Ready, go to i-Ready Central.

    How to log in to i-Ready

    Students and Teachers use single sign-on through ClassLink for accessing i-Ready. Teachers and Students WILL NOT be able to log into i-Ready directly from the i-Ready website.

    Step 1: Students log into a Chromebook or iPad using their ssd412 Google account.
    Step 2: Click on ClassLink (App on the iPad or available from Shoreline Bookmarks on a Chromebook. If needed, click on Google Sign-In).
    Step 3: Choose i-Ready
     i-Ready Icon  
    Need more info about accessing i-Ready through ClassLink?
    Click here for screencasts of how access ClassLink from a desktop or laptop computer/Chromebook.
    Click here or here for videos of how to access ClassLink and i-Ready from an i-Pad.
    Click here for step-by-step screenshot directions for students to get from ClassLink to i-Ready.

    How do I find information about using i-Ready remotely during at-home learning?

    i-Ready at home resources for Families
    i-Ready at home resources for Teachers

    Do I need to print test tickets or rosters for students?

    With single sign on students will automatically log in to i-Ready when they sign in to their ssd412 Google account. You will not need to inform students of their i-Ready username and password beforehand. However, it is advisable to review your class roster BEFORE testing to make sure all your students are accounted for.
    To confirm accuracy of rosters:
    • Select Rosters from the top navigation
    • Select your Class or Report Group from the Class/Report Group dropdown
    • Select the + icon to view all students in your roster  

    When are i-Ready Diagnostic windows?

    Click here for a link to the Shoreline district assessment calendar. Students have calendar 21 days from the day they start to complete the Diagnostic before it expires.  Ideally, all students will take the diagnostic within the district-assigned diagnostic window. However, if a student enrolls in your class after the close of the diagnostic window you may still have them take the diagnostic. 

    How much time should students need to take the i-Ready Diagnostic?

    The Diagnostic takes about 45-60 minutes per subject. The test is untimed. Students have 21 days from the day they start the test to complete the Diagnostic before it expires.

    i-Ready recommends you allow two 30-45 minute class periods per subject for students to take the Diagnostic. For younger students or special education students, you may want to provide shorter test sessions. Students do not need to finish the test in one sitting. 

    Note that the fall administration of the Diagnostic may take longer due to the need for the test to determine the student's actual performance level.

    How does the i-Ready Diagnostic Assessment work?

    Click here to find out more about how the test adapts to the abilities of each student.
    More i-Ready information: