From the Desk of Principal Lara Drew


    Dear Highland Terrace Students and Families,

    I am honored and excited to be a member of the Highland Terrace community and serve in the role as principal. My beliefs about effective schools have been formulated through experiences as a classroom teacher, coursework, leadership roles, and school leadership experience. I ascribe to the belief that all children can learn when they are provided the appropriate educational environment. The school environment must be safe, valuing, caring, and welcoming for students, families, and staff. The community needs to honor individuality and be inclusive and culturally responsive to all individuals.

    My vision for a thriving learning community includes a rich learning experience that develops the whole child with strong emphasis on academics including the arts and physical activity. The content and concepts taught should be connected to real world situations and develop critical and creative skills that inspire innovative thinking. In addition, the classroom environment must provide for differentiated student needs while striving for academically challenging learning goals.

    I believe students will achieve high levels of success in learning when teachers team together to create a deliberate alignment among curriculum expectations, improvement goals, instructional practices, on-going assessment of student progress, and professional development activities. Families must be embraced as valued and essential partners in these educational efforts.

    I have had a broad range of opportunities at the school and district level to develop my instructional leadership skills. I possess a solid understanding of the Washington education reform efforts, curriculum standards, standards-based instruction, and research-based instructional practices.

    I believe that one of the most important aspects of my work as Principal of Highland Terrace is building meaningful relationships with students, families and staff as well as with the greater community. In addition to building strong relationships with students, families and teachers, it will be particularly important for me to make sure that you and your child feel safe and respected at our school.

    I will be working with our PTA to coordinate monthly opportunities for us to come together as a community around topics of importance and opportunities for me to continue to listen and learn from you.

    I believe open communication is very important in creating and maintaining a positive school environment and for this reason, I will always encourage you to reach out to your child’s teacher, to a member of the office staff, or to me with any questions or concerns you may have.



    Lara Drew


    Highland Terrace Principal

Mrs. Lara Drew