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    Food Chemistry

    How Big How Far

    Motion and Design





    Week of 9-4-19 No Science this week  None
    Week of 9-9-19 Food Chemistry Introduction--Lessons 1, 3  None
    Week of 9-16-19 Food Chemistry Lessons 6,7  None
    Week of 9-23-19 Food Chemistry Lessons 7-8  None
    Week of 9-30-19  Food Chemistry Lessons 9-11   None
    Week of 10-7-19 Food Chemistry Lessons 9-11 Continued   None
    Week of 10-14-19 Food Chemistry Lessons 12-13 Testing Liquids and Foods for Protein  None
    Week of 10-21-19 Food Chemistry Lessons 14-15 More Protein Exploration and Reading Food Labels  None
    Wekk of 10-28-19   Food Chemistry Wrap up Begin How Big How Far Unit  None
     Week of 11-4  No Science--Conference Week  None
     Week of 11-11  How Big How Far Science Unit Introduction  None
     Week of 11-18  How Big How Far Science Unit Lesson 1.2  None
     Week of 11-25  No Science- Thanksgiving Holiday  None
     Week of 12-2 How Big How Far Lesson 1.3 & 1.4  None
     Week of 12-9 How Big How Far Lesson 1.5 & 1.6  None
     Week of 12-16 How Big How Far Lesson 1.7 & 1.8  None
     Week of 12-23 Winter Break  None
     Week of 2-24-20  Motion and Design Lessons 7-9  None
    Week of 3-2-20   Motion and Design--Lesson 9  None
    Week of 3-9-20  Motion and Design Lessons 10-13  None
    Week of 5-6-19    
    Week of 5-13-19    
    Week of 5-20-19    
    Week of 5-27-19    
    Week of 6-3-19