• Since behavior is like an academic subject - a skill deficit that needs teaching - we use the same process for intervention as we would for behavior. 


    1. When teachers notice a deficit, they begin by trying some classroom-based interventions out for 4-6 weeks, to see how they take. 

           1.a Teachers who need help brainstorming interventions, or who feel that a kid needs some short-term, immediate informal support, can reach out to support staff (counselor, principal, psychologist).

           The principal, counselor, and family advocate also meet weekly to discuss kids who may need short-term, informal support, as such cases arise. 


    2. For students who are in need of formalized behavioral or social-emotional support, teachers can request a Guidance Team staffing. The Guidance Team meets weekly to support students bogh behaviorally and academically. The Guidance Team will set up additional interventions, and track the efficacy of the interventions in place. 


    3. For students who continue to struggle, or whose challenging behaviors increase, the Student Study Team will meet to look at specialized instruction for the student in question.