• Resource Room

    We love working in the resource room program to offer differentiation of instruction to ensure that all students make progress and succeed in school. All children can learn anything! Some children require more time to learn, a different way of learning, or a smaller group within which to learn.

    The resource room program provides special education services to qualifying general education students through the development of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the provision of specially designed instruction in the students’ area(s) of qualification. These areas can include reading, writing, math, social skills, emotional skills, behavioral skills, and study skills. Services can be provided in the resource room or in the general education setting, depending on the specific needs of the student.

    The curriculums we use in the resource room are as follows:

    Reading:       Early Reading Intervention

                        Phonics for Reading


                        Comprehension toolkit

    Writing:        Read Well Spelling and Conventions

                        Reasoning and Writing

                        Step up to Writing

    Math:           Focus math (tier 2 intervention material for the Envision math curriculum)

                        Rocket Math

    Social Skills:    Think Social Curriculum

                        Zones of Regulation