• Title I / Learning Assistance Program

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                                                 Margaret Spencer                                                                           Renicia Sadiq

    Parkwood Elementary is a school-wide Title program. This means that all students can qualify for extra support outside of their classrooms.

    The purpose of the Title I/LAP program is to provide reading and math intervention supports to students who are working below grade level.

    In most cases, intervention is provided in a small group setting for 30 minutes daily. Our school’s master schedule is designed to ensure that students do not miss core instruction in their classrooms.

    Our goal is to make sure we serve all students in a valuable and equitable way that helps to close the achievement gap in our student achievement data.

    Students can qualify for intervention based on the results of district selected assessments. These include: Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), DIBELS, easyCBM, and the SBA. (Changes in assessments coming in Fall of 2018.)

    Some of the reading instruction includes using the Early Reading Intervention (ERI), ReadWell, Phonics For Reading, Reading A to Z leveled books, Guided Reading using materials selected by the teacher,

    My name is Margaret Spencer  and I have Master’s degree in Reading and Language Arts from Seattle Pacific University. I also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and Elementary/Middle School General Education.  This is my 26th year teaching at Parkwood Elementary. I’ve taught students in the Resource Room setting and transitioned to my current position as a Title/LAP Teacher more than 10 years ago.

    I have a husband,  two adult daughters, two cats and a small dog that I adore.  In my free time I enjoy watching sports of all kinds and traveling to places with warmer climates.