• Blended 4 - 6 Classroom

    Mr. Cole

    Dustin Cole

    I love working with our older Parkwood Panthers to make our classroom such a positive place to be! Our students in the blended classroom attend one of three special education classrooms for primary and intermediate students. These are “Blended Classrooms,” meaning that our students have several opportunities each day to work alongside their classmates in a neighboring general education classroom. The general and special education teachers partner and plan together to implement lessons and activities appropriate for all students during our time together. Part of our mission is to broaden our students’ empathy, respect, responsibility, and acceptance of others within a diverse population through a challenging and appropriate education. This collaborative effort relies on close cooperation between students, parents, and staff within the school community. Blending allows for additional adult assistance for all students involved. Our model utilizes flexible, student-centered activities and a truly individualized approach to teaching and learning. Our students have a wide range of academic abilities and love being an active part of our school community!

    With the individualized nature of the program, our students use a variety of math resources to meet their math goals. Some examples we currently use are: Unique Learning System, Envisions, IXL, Starfall, teacher-created materials, and other supplemental materials that support the math curriculum.

    Our students use a variety of English Language Arts resources to achieve their ELA curriculum goals. These goals are differentiated for each individual student. We use Unique Learning System, Wonders, SRI, reading Milestones, teacher-created materials, and many others.

    Our students use a variety of science curriculums that are differentiated depending on student abilities and individual curriculum goals.  We use Unique Learning System and various district science kits.

    My students engage in lessons in Unique Learning system and teacher created lessons.

    My students use a variety of social curriculums that are differentiated depending on student abilities.   We use Second Step and Think Social.