• 1st Grade Team


    We are excited for the many great learning experiences we have in 1st grade! An important characteristic of 1st grade is the integration of skills and knowledge across different subjects; this enhances student learning and helps children see the connection between various subjects. Our goal is to foster a love of learning in all our first grade students.

    In first grade we follow the Common Core State Standards, however we have specifically targeted some skills that are more critical for math success for this year and the years beyond. Please help us help your student by ensuring that they are experts in the standards below.

    1st Grade Math Essential Standards

    1. I can use strategies to solve addition and subtraction word problems.  For example, use cubes or draw a picture to solve a word Problem.
    2. I can add and subtract within 20.  For example, 6+8=____ or 14-6=____.
    3. I know what an equal sign means.  I can tell if addition and subtraction equations are true or false. For example, 9=5+4 is a true equation, but 4+5=10 is false.
    4. I can count to 120.  I can read and write numbers to 120.
    5. I can tell how many tens and how many ones are in a number. For example, the number 43 has 4 tens and 3 ones.
    6. I can use tools and pictures to help me solve problems within 100.
    7. I can use math strategies to help me solve problems within 100.  For example, Ahmed had 24 Legos. Then he got 10 more. How many Legos does Ahmed have?
    8. I can divide shapes into parts.  For example, a pizza can be divided into fourths by creating four equal pieces.

    Bridges in Mathmatics is our math curriculum. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

    Our math curriculum includes geometry and graphing, a focus on patterns, as well as connections to real life math experiences. We emphasize problem-solving strategies, which prepare students to solve higher level thinking problems.


    Part of our English Language Arts mission in first grade is to support students in becoming independent readers who apply decoding strategies to sound-out unknown words. We also teach students to apply comprehension strategies to understand and enjoy what they read! We work together in class to give students the tools they need to become better readers. For reading comprehension, we do extensive work with the concept of story retell. This includes understanding the parts of a story, such as character, setting, problem, and solution. Other strategies we focus on are building background knowledge, making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring (a tricky one!), determining important information, and synthesizing (putting it all together!).

    Wonders is the main reading resource we use to support this work. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts.


    There are multiple writing Common Core State Standards for first grade.  While all of them are important, the standards below are absolutely critical to a Parkwood first grader’s writing success this year and beyond.  Please help us support your child by ensuring they are experts in the standards below.

    1st Grade Writing Essential Standards

    1. I can write opinion text using my opinion, reasons, and closure.
    2. I can write informative text with a topic, facts, and closure.
    3. I can write narrative text with sequenced events, details, transition words, and closure.
    4. I can gather and remember information to help me write.
    5. I can use correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling that make sense when I write.

    Additional foci in writing are:

    • writing conventions (capital letters, punctuation)
    • different forms of writing (report, narrative, recount...)
    • varied purpose (to describe, imagine, learn...)
    • varied audience (for self, teacher, friend, parent...)

    First graders will explore scientific concepts with a variety of hands-on activities and experiments. In these activities, we lead students to grasp new knowledge and come to conclusions through the use of the scientific method. The main resource we use to support our science curriculum in first grade is called Carolina Science.

    Our three units of study are

    • Organisms
    • Weather
    • Solids & Liquids

    Our Social Studies curriculum is called TCI Social Studies Alive:  My School and Family. This curriculum combines strong content and interactive classroom experiences.

    We have regular classroom meetings featuring routines and themes taken from the Second Step curriculum. These meetings serve as a supportive and safe place for our students to learn new social and emotional learning strategies and to ask for help in solving problems. Students will also be presented with school-wide monthly traits with assigned ASL signs and visual posters.

    Second steps includes a variety of lessons that help foster social and emotional learning. Some of the concepts include, compassion, empathy, friendship, kindness, self-control, community, and to be an individual who is aware of themselves and those around them.