• 2nd Grade Team


    We love teaching our Parkwood Panthers in the period of learning, growth, and change that is 2nd grade! During the year, students will be challenged to take the foundational skills they learned previously and use these skills independently. We encourage a growth-mindset by embracing the struggles and striving towards life-long improvement.

    In second grade we follow the Common Core State Standards, however we have specifically targeted some skills that are more critical for math success for this year and the years beyond. Please help us help your student by ensuring that they are experts in the standards below:

    2nd Grade Math Essential Standards

    1. Divide circles and rectangles into equal parts.
    2. Fluently add and subtract within 20.
    3. Solve addition facts to 20 in 1 minute. (16 problems)
    4. Solve subtraction problems from 20 in 90 seconds (15 problems)
    5. Understand that 3-digit numbers are made up of hundreds, tens, and ones.
    6. Compare two numbers in the hundreds with these symbols:  >, <, =.
    7. Fluently add and subtract 2-digit numbers up to 100.
    8. Mentally add and subtract 10 to a number from 100-900.  
    9. Explain how addition and subtraction work using pictures, numbers, and words.

    Bridges in Mathmatics is our math curriculum. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

    Our math curriculum includes geometry, a focus on patterns, as well as connections to real life math experiences. We emphasize problem-solving strategies, which prepare students to solve higher level thinking problems. Communicating mathematical thinking is also a point of emphasis in our instruction.


    Our main objectives for our students in reading are to become independent and fluent readers. Our students learn to apply a variety of decoding and comprehension skills, as well as an increased vocabulary, to understand and enjoy what we read!  We will work in class and during Reading Block to practice these skills while reading a variety of text types (fiction, non-fiction, poetry). Reading Block takes place Tuesday – Friday for an hour each day.

    Here is our sequence of comprehension strategies we will cover this year:

    • September/October: Monitor Comprehension/ Activate prior knowledge and Connect to text
    • November: Ask Questions
    • December/January: Infer Meaning
    • February/March: Determine Importance
    • April: Summarize and Synthesize
    • May/June: Review


    One of the resources we use is called “Being a Writer”. It focuses on building a community of writers where students share their ideas. “Being a Writer” uses children’s books to highlight key aspects of writing and is designed to get students talking about their writing!  

    Writing will also be integrated throughout the day in all areas of the curriculum, especially in science, social studies, and health.

    Additional foci in writing are:

    • Writing conventions (capital letters, punctuation)
    • Writing forms (fiction, nonfiction, letters, personal narratives, expository, poetry)
    • Varied audience (for self, teacher, friend, parent...)

    During the school year students will learn a variety of science concepts aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. (NGSS)

    The science units we explore in 2nd grade are:

    • Butterflies
    • Soils
    • Balancing and weighing

    Our social studies goals are for students is to independently grasp key vocabulary and skills related to each of the following concepts: citizenship, problem solving, empathy, types of communities, and maps.

    We have regular classroom meetings featuring routines and themes taken from the Second Step curriculum. These meetings serve as a supportive and safe place for our students to learn new social and emotional learning strategies and to ask for help in solving problems.

    Second steps includes a variety of lessons that help foster social and emotional learning. Some of the concepts include, compassion, empathy, friendship, kindness, self-control, community, and to be an individual who is aware of themselves and those around them.