• Library Staff

    • Frank Kleyn - Teacher-Librarian (x 4134)
    • Julie Green - Library Technician (x 1355)


    Mission and Curriculum

    The mission of the library media program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information.


    Independent Student Use of the Library

    We welcome independent student use of the library.  With over 580 students, we have to stick to some rules for use. 

    • From 9:10am-3:30pm, students who need a new book and have less than two overdue books are welcome to visit the library independently.
    • Students must have an official LFP Library lanyard pass to visit the library
    • Each classroom should have three LFP Library lanyard passes.  
    • Students will be sent back to class for the following reasons:
      • They do not have a LFP Library lanyard pass
      • They have a handwritten pass
      • They are sharing a pass.  
      • They are not actively looking for books
      • They are disruptive
    • Students may use the library after school with adult supervision until 4pm.

    Recess Use of the Library

    • Students must follow the LFP Library lanyard pass expectations listed above and bring their library pass to lunch.  Students may not go to their classroom after lunch to get a pass.
    • If they are bringing books, papers, etc. students will need to drop them off in the library before lunch.
    • No Chromebooks unless with teacher permission to work on an assignment.
    • Students may not go back to their room or walk the halls for any reason.
    • Students may use library computers to search for books or for Code.org or Scratch programming only.
    • Students using the library at recess can do so only for only one recess.  The other recess is for outside exercise.
    • Students must leave immediately at the end of recess.


    Number of Books Students May Have Checked Out On Their Library Account

    • K - Start with one and move up to two
    • 1 - Start with two and move up to three
    • 2 - Three books
    • 3 - Four books
    • 4 - Four books
    • 5 - Five books
    • 6 - Six books


    Returning Books to the Library

    • Students are encouraged to return books as soon as possible. They don’t have to wait until library day to return books.
    • Each classroom has a library return bin.
    • Students can return books on their own by dropping it off in the library. 
    • Students will not be able to go back to class if they forget to return books prior to library.


    Tips For Returning Books

    Students who struggle to return books fall behind in their reading.  They are unable to check out new books when they reach their check out limit or have two or more overdues.  Here are some tips to help your students build the responsibility of returning books.

    • When you finish a book, return it ASAP.
    • Put "Library Day" on your home calendar so you remember to return books.
    • On the morning of library day, return books to your classroom return bin. 


    Overdue Books and Lost Book Fines

    • Books become overdue after three weeks.
    • Students will be reminded about overdues at library time.
    • Check out stops when there are two or more overdue books.  Parents will be notified.
    • If a student is unable to check out due to lost books, a parent can contact the library to let us know that they are aware of the situation.  Once the parent contacts the library, the student can resume checking out books.
    • Fines for lost books are sent home in December, March, and June.
    • Parents may purchase the library a replacement book on their own rather than pay the fine.
    • Report cards are held if students do not return books or pay lost book fines.
    • If a lost book is found and returned within a year of paying a fine, we will send home a refund for the fine.


    Damaged Books and Replacements

    • Water bottles are the #1 reason books are damaged.  Please remind students not to put their water bottle in the same place as their library book.
    • Students should bring damaged books to the library as soon as possible.
    • Fines for damaged books are sent home immediately.
    • Parents may purchase the library a replacement book on their own rather than pay the fine.
    • Report cards are held if students do not pay damaged book fines.


    Using The Library Website 

    Our library website has a lot of useful and fun information for our library users.  At our site you can... 

    • Search the catalog
    • Login to take a Reading Counts Quiz
    • Learn about new books
    • Print award book challenges to stretch readers
    • Recommend new books for the library
    • Explore content area internet links
    • Find helpful technology links and how-to information for Chromebooks, etc.
    • View student projects
    • View library photos