Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success

Coalition Application

  • The Coalition Application is used by 140+ schools, including UW Seattle. For information about the mission of the member universities, see Coalition for College Access

Important to Know about the Coalition App

  • You can start the Profile anytime, as early as 9th grade. 

    The Profile is the main, general section of the application. 


    The Coalition Application is NOT integrated with Naviance, so you need to pay close attention. 

    Except for UW Seattle, Shorewood will NOT automatically know what you need for your application to a particular school. It is very important that you email a screenshot or list of materials needed & deadlines to:  your school counselor, Mrs. Roma, and Mrs. Stephens. Please do not do this before September 1. 


    For a good introduction, watch the Coalition's demonstration videos.

    View short videos on the application, the locker, and the collaboration space (Shorewood Counseling does not participate in the Collaboration space):  Get to Know My Coalition


    UW Seattle and UW Bothell use the Coalition App exclusively.

    If you would like to apply to the University of Washington in Seattle and/ or Bothell, you must use the Coalition Application. You cannot use the Common App to apply, and there are no longer independent applications for these colleges. 

    The UW Seattle portion of the application will not be available until after students have completed the main portion, but you can look up the school-specific writing requirements here:  2019 Freshman Writing Section

    The UW Seattle deadline is November 15. That is not Early Action or Early Decision; it is the only deadline for applicants who wish to start in the fall of 2019. 


    As part of the Coalition Profile, you will fill out your coursework & grades.

    UW Seattle uses this section instead of submitted transcripts. Doing this section is easier if you have a copy of your unofficial transcript. Seniors will receive a hard copy via snail mail early in the school year. At other times, you can see Mrs. Roma in the Shorewood Counseling Office for a copy. 


    Running Start Students should pay particular care.

    Running Start classes will be designated dual enrollment in the Courses & Grades section. If we receive any tutorials for this portion, we will share them. 


    UW does not use the Coalition Locker, but some schools do.

    The Locker is flexible space in the application for you to upload any sort of material you would like:  papers, videos, sound files, evidence of your hobbies/ academic work/ interests. Reed College asks students to share one item from their locker and finds that they learn much more about the person this way. 


    The Coalition aims to make it easier to waive application fees.

    If you have a choice of which application to use (some schools let students apply via Coalition or Common App), it may be less expensive to use the Coalition App. See Coalition Application Fee Waivers

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